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Flum Pebble Passion Kiwi Disposable Vape

Flum Pebble Passion Kiwi Disposable Vape

Unleash a mouthwatering flavor experience from FLUM with their newest rendition; the Pebble. This 6000 puff rechargeable disposable vape device has the same smooth draw and trusted performance from FLUM.

Featuring a pre-filled 14ml ejuice capacity and 5% nicotine content, the Flum Pebble Passion Kiwi is sure to rekindle your love for vaping.


Often thought of as a vegetable, watermelon is actually a fruit (Citrullus lanatus) and a member of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). It is an exceptionally refreshing, low-calorie food packed with nutrients and a healthy source of both vitamin A and C. It also contains citrulline and lycopene, two plant compounds linked to muscle-building and heart health.

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FLUM has recently added the 6000 puffs rechargeable disposable vape called the Flum Pebble to its collection of premium vaping devices. It delivers superior vapor quality and a satisfying vaping experience. The new Pebble offers all of the great features that FLUM Float and FLUM Gio have to offer in an extremely compact and portable package.

Passion Kiwi

Known for its sweet, refreshing taste, this fruit has an aroma that is often reproduced in soaps and perfumes. It grows on passion flower vines and is small with yellow or purple skin. It gets its name from priests in the 1500s who thought parts of the plant symbolized the passion and death of Jesus.

The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories, making it an excellent addition to any diet. It contains vitamin C, which is essential for immune system function and tissue repair. It also helps the body absorb iron, fight infections, and lower cholesterol levels.

Get all of these flavors in a convenient, refillable vape device from Flum! The Flum Pebble is a disposable device that delivers 6000 small but strong puffs of liquid in a sleek, compact design. It doesn’t require any maintenance and is easy to use! Available in 7 different flavors.

Aloe Grape

A fruity medley with the refreshing taste of aloe grape, balanced with delicate floral undertones and finished with icy vapor on the exhale. This is a must-have for any fruity vape lovers out there!

Unlike standard disposables that come with one pre-set flavour, the Flum Pebble allows you to switch between 55 Klik Klak flavour combinations with ease. Choose the base Aloe Grape flavour, or combine it with other flavours like Raspberry Lemonade and Super Sour to create your own mouthwatering fusion.

These differences in design, flavour selection, battery capacity and other features help distinguish the Flum Pebble from competitors. It also includes the latest safety protections to ensure a safer vaping experience. It’s a great choice for MTL enthusiasts looking to try new and exciting flavors without the hassle of a complex device setup!

Strawberry Coconut

This strawberry coconut smoothie is a fun, fruity drink with a tropical twist. It’s easy to make and delicious! It’s also a healthy choice because it contains lots of strawberries, banana, and yogurt. You can even add in some flax seeds, chia seeds, or hemp seeds for an extra punch of fiber.

This drink is perfect for a hot day or for a tropical vacation! It’s refreshing, flavorful, and full of vitamins. This is a great way to get a little extra vitamin C into your diet.

The Flum Pebble is a 6000 puff rechargeable disposable vape by FLUM that features a lightweight, portable design. This slim and playfully designed device offers 14mL of delicious pre-filled synthetic e-liquid in 10+ amazing flavors. It’s a convenient option for those looking to transition into vaping or simply enjoy a smooth, premium-flavored vapor. Featuring an anti-leak design and a rechargeable battery, the Flum Pebble delivers up to 6000 satisfying puffs.

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